Irish grain sits in sheds while imports at record record level - Grain Growers

Margaret Donnelly

Margaret Donnelly

The Irish Grain Growers Group has called on the Department of Agriculture and farm lobby groups to explain why ship loads of grain are being imported as Irish tillage farmers have grain supplies sitting in their sheds.

A spokesperson for the Group said Irish grain is being left in sheds while imports are coming in at record levels.

"Why they are allowing ship loads of grain and lorry loads of feed arrive into Ireland while their grain sits in sheds unused by merchants and millers.

"It is totally unacceptable for the Department to support such actions especially where grain prices have collapsed in the past six months by approximately 25pc.

"To compound the situation the Department of Agriculture has been subsidising the transport of imported feed while Irish grain sits in sheds . Where does that leave the straw market for 2019? 

"Some farmers who have grain in stores find themselves in a situation where they are practically begging merchants and millers to take some of their grain in order to alleviate cash flow situations with banks and creditors. They find themselves in a poor negotiating position as a result."

It says the price merchants have offered for harvest '19 are hard to stomach, with the cost of growing spring crops on 2018 figures by approximately €30/ acre.

"We are told we must observe world commodity grain markets and hope for a weather event or two to influence the grain market positively."

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The group is calling on Minister Creed and the Department to ensure that Irish grains are prioritised into the future.

"It's a diabolical situation we find ourselves in, after three fodder crisis in the space of two years tillage farmers find it incredulous that imported grain is preferred by millers and merchants to Irish grain.

"In a recent report it stated that approximately two thirds of this grain is of GMO origin."

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