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Sunday 20 January 2019

Dairygold announces its 2018 grain prices

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Dairygold has finalised its 2018 cereal prices, which it says are the highest paid by Dairygold since 2012 and are over 40pc higher than prior year.

It said that its 2018 prices reflect current market dynamics and that a highlight of this year’s harvest was the quality of the grain received by Dairygold.

The co-op said it is paying leading prices and that it had promoted the growing of beans in recent years and in 2018 led the way in promoting catch cropping as a potential additional source of income for tillage farmers.

It is paying €205/t for barley and wheat, at 20pc moisture levels - the price includes a premium based on minimum purchase terms.

Dairygold's announcement comes after Glanbia announced its 2018 grain prices this week.

Green barley and wheat delivered by Members to Glanbia Ireland drying locations during harvest 2018 will be paid a total of €205/t.

This price includes an extra €2/t co-op bonus to all Members, which was approved by the Co-op Board today.

This is in addition to the 2018 Glanbia Co-op Grain Trading Bonus Scheme under which Members can achieve a bonus of up to €10 per tonne based on their level of qualifying inputs purchased.

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The 2018 green barley price for Glanbia Co-op Members of €205 compares to €147 per tonne paid to Members for the 2017 harvest.

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