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Department opens €26m TAMS II tillage grant scheme (See list of eligible investments)


The Department of Agriculture has opened its much anticipated farm investment scheme for tillage farmers.

The Scheme will came into operation March 8 and will be closed for receipt of applications on December 31, 2020.

The Scheme is jointly funded by the European Union and the national exchequer. 

It understood the financial allocation to the Scheme shall not exceed €26m subject to review by the Minister.

Grant aid will only be paid on approved, completed and eligible expenditure and shall be paid at the rate of 40pc up to the applicable maximum investment ceiling of €80,000 per holding.

Multiple applications per tranche are permissible however the minimum amount of investment which is eligible for approval under this Scheme is €2,000 per application.

Under the Terms and Conditions applicants who receive approval and payment for investment works at the maximum ceiling of €80,000 under this Scheme shall not be eligible to apply for grants under any other TAMS II Schemes with the exception of the applications under the Low Emission Slurry Spreading Scheme (LESS) which is not subject to the ceiling.

In the case of a application by two or more eligible partners in a partnership registered on this Department’s Register of Farm Partnership the maximum eligible investment ceiling shall be increased to €160,000 and the provisions at (ii) above will apply.


The Scheme is open to farmers who

(i)           have a minimum of 15 hectares  of eligible crops (Annex D) declared under the Basic Payment Scheme or equivalent in the year of application or previous year.

(ii)          have a Department identifier

Eligibility of applicant where holding is owned/leased by a legal person 

An application may be accepted in the name of a legal person provided that legal person satisfies the eligibility criteria at 3.1.  A copy of a company’s Companies Registration Office Certificate and Memorandum and Articles of Association or one document constitution must be submitted in support of the application.

Grant aid will not be paid for (a) second-hand materials or equipment or (b) work carried out by contractors who do not comply with the tax clearance requirements laid down in paragraph 10  of the scheme.

Eligible investments






For more information visit The Department of Agriculture's TAMS section

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