Boortmalt agrees to top up final malting barley price - IFA

Boortmalt Ireland - Athy site.
Boortmalt Ireland - Athy site.
Ciaran Moran

Ciaran Moran

Following recent negotiations, the IFA has said that Boortmalt, the malting company has agreed to top up the final malting barley price paid to growers for the 2018 harvest by €30 per tonne.

There will also be a further additional payment of €10/t for distilling grade barley, it says.

IFA Malting Barley Committee Chairman Mark Browne has acknowledged the move, saying that despite the negotiation of an improved deal in June, many growers had failed to cover production costs due to poor yields and quality issues arising from the lack of rainfall.

Mark Browne said that the due to the unprecedented weather conditions and lack of confidence in the sector among growers, IFA made a strong case to Boortmalt to consider these mitigating factors when settling the final pricing arrangements for the 2018 crop.

Finally, Mark Browne confirmed that the Committee is in the middle of negotiations for the 2019 crop which would be concluded as soon as possible to allow growers to finalise their winter and spring crop schedules.

The Irish Grain Growers Association has said that Boortmalt, Glanbia and Dairygold should offer a payment of €40-€50 over feed barley for the 2018 harvest if they are serious about using Irish grain.

"With full traceability ,it's unique provenance and GMO/glyphosate free stature , it  would show farmers a confidence for the sector going forward .

"This would go some way towards resolving what has developed into a poor relationship between farmers and malting barley buyers especially in a year when yields are poor," a Spokesperson said.

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