TidyWrap invention all set to go global

Tom Gilmore

A new idea from Galway farmer Jarlath Gormally is set to go global.

TidyWrap is a bottomless bin with a lid and bungy chord that is designed to easily store baled silage wrap.

The Youtube clip of the invention in action shows the farmer making four parallel slits at one flat end of a silage bale, pulling back each of the strips, rolling the bale over onto its open end, and using a loader to lift the plastic cover off the bale. This plastic shell forms the 'liner' in the bottomless bin, with the straps being clamped to the top of the bin with the bunge chord. A removable lid keeps the plastic dry.


After approximately 150 bale wrappings, the straps can be tied and the bin removed. The bin can be lifted by one person, repositioned, and the cycle starts again, according to Mr Gormley's son, Patrick.

The Clonberne farmer says that it is a simple storage system designed to suit both farmers and plastic collectors. JFC's John Concannon agrees, having started manufacturing the TidyWrap for export all over the world.

"It also saves the farmer the cost of buying a plastic bag to hold the used wrapping, which was only adding to the amount of plastic being disposed," added Michael Slattery, chairman of the Irish Farm Film Producers Group, who collect over 25,000 tonnes of used silage plastic every year.

It retails at €280 from JFC.

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