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Sunday 18 March 2018

Think before you write is key to CAO form

Caitriona Murphy

Caitriona Murphy

With the CAO deadline looming in January, here are some top tips to bear in mind when making your CAO application:

1.Apply online instead of the paper form. The online application system will not allow you to enter an incorrect course code.

But no matter which form -- electronic or paper-- you choose to use, ask a parent or teacher to look over the application before you send it.

2.Check the entry requirements for each course you apply for. Some courses demand a minimum result in maths as well as the CAO minimum points to secure a place. This information will be listed in the college brochure and on

3.Give yourself plenty of time to fill out the form. Find a quiet place where you can give your application 100pc concentration and send off your application form ahead of the deadline to avoid unnecessary stress at the last minute.

4.Fill in all 20 spaces provided. You have the space to choose 10 Level 8 courses and 10 Level 6 and Level 7 courses, so give yourself every chance by using all the spaces.

5.Rank your courses in the order in which you prefer them.

Think about what course you would be most happy to get -- that should be your number one choice. Don't let your expected results influence the ranking of your course choices.

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6.Use the Change of Mind form if you have a change of heart after January. This option is available after May 1 until July 1 and can be a useful tool if your mock results change your mind about your course choices.

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