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Sunday 17 December 2017

'They are more than just a collection of steel, nuts and bolts'

With Christmas just around the corner, I asked Tommy what he thinks the most popular stocking fillers will be this year.

"It will be a mixed bag ranging from the very old to the brand new," he says.

When you imagine a shop filled to the ceiling with agricultural models and toys of all descriptions, you picture children running around the store thinking they are in heaven, while exasperated parents attempt to follow behind.

However, Tommy says that there are as many children buying for parents as there are parents buying for children.

"Everyone has that one piece of machinery sitting in their yard that they want a model of. For them, it is more than a collection of steel, nuts and bolts. It has meaning, perhaps even a lasting emotional connection to a loved one who has since passed."

Not surprisingly then, there is an increased interest in vintage models, alongside the more modern items.

Recently released models of the iconic David Brown 995 and 996 are proving just as popular as newcomers like the beefy New Holland T7.225. Although not on general release until after Christmas, the McHale Fusion 3 is expected to be a quick mover. But be sure to grab yours quickly, as only a limited number were produced.

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