The milk-bucket challenge - farmers pour milk over themselves to raise awareness of low prices

Cormac Fitzgerald

A new challenge is doing the rounds on social media to raise awareness of an issue close to many people's stomachs.

Dairy farmers are posting videos of themselves pouring buckets of milk over their heads and challenging others to do it.

The challenge follows on from last year's ice-bucket challenge which swept through social media and had people dunking buckets of ice-water over their heads to raise money for charity.

The milk bucket challenge is a little different, with farmers trying to raise awareness of how little their milk is worth.

This video shows farmers going one step further and getting an industrial digger bucket's worth of milk dunked over their heads.

The challenge is though to have originated in the south of England, where farmers believe that there milk isn't fetching a fair price.

Farmers in Northern Ireland have held protest recently saying that their living is unsustainable.

With milk quotas abolished in Ireland and demand dropping, is it only a matter of time before we see Irish farmers taking up the challenge?

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