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Wednesday 24 January 2018

The buck stops with the state claim insurers

Insurance cover in areas of repeated flooding is difficult to provide because of the failure of successive governments to invest in flood defences, according to a spokesman for the Irish Insurance Federation (IIF).

IIF spokesman Michael Horan said the insurance business was about covering the risk of something happening and not about insuring against "inevitable events".

The federation's preferred option is for the Government to invest investment in permanent flood barriers as against temporary re-mountable barriers.

Mr Horan said that 98pc of written property insurance includes flood cover.


Meanwhile, Muintir na Tire has called for the multi-agency approach to tackling flooding to be abandoned in favour of a single overarching body.

"Farms and small businesses, as well as people living in towns and villages along the Shannon and other rivers, have been decimated by the latest floods and addressing their problems should be the priority of the Government," said Muintir president Paddy O'Byrne.

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