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Sunday 25 February 2018

The 20 cups of coffee a day diet

Lifestyle change: John Twomey cut out coffee and fast food
Lifestyle change: John Twomey cut out coffee and fast food

Farmer John Twomey discovered he has cholesterol and blood pressure problems purely by chance.

"I was at Macroom mart a while back and went into the office to pay for the livestock I had bought, and as I was coming out I was asked if I would take one of these health checks," said the married farmer, who runs a 40ac suckler enterprise outside Macroom, Co Cork.

"They discovered I had raised cholesterol and raised blood pressure and they told me I should also get my prostate checked out.

"Normally I wouldn't dream of going to a doctor. Not in 100 years. I never gave my health a thought.

"As it turned out the prostate was okay - apparently any man over 40 should keep an eye on this boy, but the blood pressure was higher than expected and so was the cholesterol. That surprised me because I don't drink or smoke and have an easygoing attitude to things.

"But I have to say I used to drink about 20 cups of coffee every day and that's now knocked on the head," the 45-year-old told the Farming Independent.

The solution was to cut out fast foods and caffeine-fuelled coffees, along with greater checks on his overall diet.

"This is a great service. There is no excuse for not using it. Better to be alive above ground than being called a gentleman for a week when you're dead and underground," John added.

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