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Thursday 23 November 2017

TechMix helps steer cow nutrition drive

The Co-op Animal Health (CAHL) Group has teamed up with US company TechMix to manufacture and market animal nutrition products for Ireland and the EU.

The products, which are already used in over two million cows each year in the US, will be manufactured in the CAHL-owned Nutribio in Cork.

TechMix's founder, Dr Peter Franz, and top management were in Tullow recently to oversee the launch of two new products, Fresh Cow YMCP and Bovine Bluelite, to an audience of farmers, vets and Teagasc advisers.

Fresh Cow YMCP, a supplement containing yeast, dairy calcium, potassium and niacin, is targeted at the freshly calved dairy cow to ease the transition from dry cow to lactating cow. Costing about €4 a cow, US trials were quoted as showing a response of an extra 1kg/day of milk across the lactation.

It is understood that around 25pc of US dairy cows are treated with YMCP at every calving.

Bovine Bluelite is a rehydratrion and energy product given to dairy and beef animals to reduce fall-out from stress.

Both products will be immediately available through CAHL outlets.

John Shirley

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