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Wednesday 21 November 2018

Teagasc to host demonstration of small-scale timber extraction

Caitriona Murphy

Teagasc will host a demonstration of tending and thinning in broadleaf woodlands and small-scale timber extraction in Dunnamaggin, Co Kilkenny, on Wednesday, October 10.

Although large-scale harvesting and extraction forestry machines have an important role to play in Irish forestry, many of our forests are too small for such large machinery.

Other options have to be considered, particularly (but not exclusively) on broadleaf sites. If forest owners wish to manage their own forests, they need to arm themselves with the know-how before any harvesting commences.

The Teagasc demonstration day will include discussions on growing trees for quality timber, timing of first thinning, preparation for thinning, grant schemes, selection of potential crop trees and competitors, as well as live demonstrations of small-scale timber extraction.

Forest owners are invited to attend the event free of charge at Dunnamaggin Community Hall, Dunnamaggin, Co Kilkenny, arriving any time between 11am and 12.30pm. The outdoor event will take approximately 2.5 hours.

For more information, contact Frances McHugh of Teagasc on 087 622 2111 or visit for updates on this event.

Rodents just can't resist new bait

A NEW rodent bait that tackles the problem of resistance to commonly used rodenticides will be launched by Bayer at the National Ploughing Championships.

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Rodilon® is a significant contender in the rodent bait market due to its active ingredient, difethialone, which is effective after just one feed. Difethialone is exclusive to Bayer and is the first new active rodenticide ingredient to be introduced to Ireland in more than 20 years.

Bayer has created four convenient and extremely palatable baiting formulations of Rodilon®. Two of the products, Rodilon® Wheat Tech and Rodilon® Trio, benefit from a unique 'turbo impregnation' manufacturing process that infuses the active ingredient right to the core of the bait.

Developed specifically for the control of mice, Rodilon® Trio incorporates oats, sunflower seeds and maize, which are known to be particularly palatable to mice.

Ideal for rat control, Rodilon® Wheat Tech uses the highest quality whole wheat grain making it extremely palatable. It is perfect for difficult to control infestations throughout a wide range of indoor farm baiting situations.

Visit Bayer at Stand 169, Block 5, Row F where Rodilon® will be officially launched this week.

Kingswood unveil new software

KINGSWOOD will be showcasing two new additions to its farming software range at this week's Ploughing Championships.

A new direct link from Kingswood Herd to the Department of Agriculture's national livestock database (AIM) allows for speedier recording of animal movements and calf registrations.

On the financial side, an enhanced version of Kingswood Accounts allows customers to accept electronic statement files from the major banks, including Bank of Ireland, AIB and Ulster Bank. The software processes the transaction in just five minutes compared with the 30 minutes it used to take.

Meanwhile, a series of Kingswood apps launched over the past six months allow smartphone users to record grass measurements, heats and services, animal remedies and calving details.

The full range of Kingswood software will be on demonstration at Stand 506, Row P, Block 5 and there's more info on

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