Teagasc roll out forestry clinics

Free one-on-one consultations for landowners looking at options under new forestry programme

A nationwide series of forestry clinics will be held in January.
A nationwide series of forestry clinics will be held in January.
Steven Meyen

Steven Meyen

Teagasc's Forestry Development has organised a nationwide series of forestry clinics for January. These free one-to-one consultations are being held in local Teagasc offices between January 18 and 29.

The Forestry Programme 2014-2020 is now well underway and offers landowners new forest establishment options.

Landowners consider forestry for many reasons, such as supplementing farm income, farm restructuring or developing a retirement fund.

Any new farm enterprise can present many questions.

The 2016 Teagasc Forestry Clinics are an ideal opportunity to flesh out the details of how forestry might work for you.

If you are already a forest owner, you are also welcome to come along to discuss forest management issues.

A one-to-one forestry appointment with a Teagasc forestry adviser will provide private landowners with free, independent and objective advice, and can help you to address the following issues:

how a forest enterprise can improve farm and household income;

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timber and non-timber benefits;

opportunities for non-farmers under the new forestry programme;

the effect of planting on other farm schemes, eg, BPS, GLAS, AEOS; and,

how to get the job done right first time.

The 2016 Teagasc Forestry Clinics also present an opportunity for non-farmers who previously would have qualified for a lower 'non-farmer' premium. The current programme offers very attractive payments to all landowners.

Farm schemes

It is also a great opportunity for farmers to understand the requirements of the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) and other farm schemes before establishing a forest.

Although the emphasis for the upcoming clinics is on new planting, existing forest owners, regardless of what stage their forest is at, can also avail of this opportunity to pick up valuable management tips.

Clinics will take place in Teagasc offices around the country between 10am and 4pm. Prior booking is essential. Please bring maps and other relevant information.

This is an ideal opportunity to get answers to your forestry questions - don't miss it.

Steven Meyen is a forestry adviser with Teagasc email: steven.meyen@teagasc.ie

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