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Friday 15 December 2017

Teagasc rates revamped

Dr Tom Kelly

Teagasc revised and simplified its advisory charges to clients last year.

These new charges were discussed and agreed by the Teagasc Authority, approved by the Minister for Agriculture Fisheries and Food, and published on the Teagasc website at

Farmers were advised of the changes in the Teagasc newsletters.

The new charges are based on a combination of enterprise size and the Teagasc advisory input required and the charges are now better matched to the level of service delivered.

Farmers now have a choice of 33 advisory support packages from Teagasc to meet their differing needs.

Contrary to the perception created in an earlier article in the Farming Independent, 23 of the advisory packages on offer involve a charge equal to, or less than, the old charge.

A further four advisory packages involve increases of not more than €20 per year.

Charges for environmental scheme support such as REPS and AEOS have reduced, while participants in dairy discussion groups have seen their fees changed to reflect more fairly the input from Teagasc in running the groups over 12 months.

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The majority of dairy clients are in the 150-200+ income unit categories where the increases range from €20-?60 per annum and not the 90pc stated in the earlier article.

It is important to note that when a charges structure is completely reformed in the way that Teagasc has done so, it is not easy to compare the old charge to the new ones.

Teagasc has now less advisers but the service is accessible to all farmers.

The charges are now structured in a fairer and simpler way so as to allow farmers to choose whatever service they believe to be most suitable for their needs.

Dr Tom Kelly is the director of Knowledge Transfer at Teagasc

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