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Thursday 26 April 2018

Teagasc herd sale stirs a lot of interest in Athenry

Caitriona Murphy

Caitriona Murphy

The sale of the last of Teagasc's organic cattle from its Athenry research station attracted a big crowd to the ringside at Athenry Mart on Thursday.

With 30 cows and seven heifers on offer, the animals represented the last of the organic suckler herd. However, the cattle could not be marketed as organic animals as the farm's organic certification had lapsed.

The 30 cows on offer were all Aberdeen Angus-cross cows out of Friesian dams, while the seven maiden heifers were a mix of Limousin-cross, Angus-cross and Whitehead-cross heifers.

All of the animals had been artificially inseminated to an AI Limousin bull but an Angus stock bull and a Hereford bull were used later to mop up those not in calf.

Prices for the cows ranged from €1,430-1,550 for the majority. However, two cows were sold for considerably less. A cow that underwent a Caesarian last year sold for €1,140/hd, while a thin six-year-old cow went for €1,150.

Prices for the heifers ranged from €950 for a 425kg Angus-cross up to €1,540 for a red Limousin-cross heifer.

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