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Monday 19 February 2018

Teagasc graduates and students gain ¤27,000 in FAB bursaries

The Farm Apprenticeship Board (FAB) is to award 27 bursaries, valued at €1,000 each, to graduates and students of Teagasc courses.

Twenty of the winners will use the bursary to fund trips to New Zealand to work for six months on dairy farms, while another four will travel to the US to work on harvest/ combine crews for six months.

A further three students will use the bursary to further their agricultural studies in the Cork Institute of Technology (CIT).

Announcing the bursaries FAB chairman Seamus Phelan stated that the board was delighted to help young agricultural students and graduates get further experience and education prior to completing their studies or starting out in their careers in farming.

"Those going to New Zealand will experience the best of what dairy farmers have to offer in that country. This will benefit them greatly as they will be exposed to the best in regard to low cost profitable milk production based on efficient grass production and utilisation on large commercial units," Mr Phelan said.

"The experience of working with harvest crews in the USA will be equally valuable in that these students will work with large mobile harvest operations."

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