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Friday 23 March 2018

Teagasc BETTER farms open days to kick off in Cork

A series of Teagasc tillage open days on the advisory body's BETTER farms will kick off this Thursday in east Cork.

The inaugural open day will be held on John Crowley's farm in Renny, Ballyhooly, Fermoy.

The event will feature:

  • Teagasc Oak Park trials on crop nutrition, weed and disease control;
  • Department of Agriculture variety trials;
  • Financial/technical appraisal of tillage crops;
  • Grain marketing including farm-to-farm trading and storage.

The Teagasc BETTER farm tillage crops programme aims to help farmers make use of cutting-edge farm technology and business methods so as to improve profitability.

Teagasc advisors, specialists and researchers are working with these farmers to look at all areas of their production systems.

By implementing the latest technologies and research, the aim is to achieve maximum efficiency. It is envisaged that these farms will become a benchmark for efficient production and for transferring knowledge to other farmers.

Teagasc BETTER farm tillage crops open days will take place over the next month. This Thursday's farm walk will be followed by an open day on George and Ken Williamson's farm in Duncormick, Co Wexford, on Tuesday, July 6.

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The final farm walk takes place on Joe O'Donoghue's holding in Herbertstown, Stamullen, Co Meath, on Thursday, July 8.

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