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Saturday 21 July 2018

'TB restrictions must be flexible'

The ICSA has called on the authorities to ensure that TB restrictions are sufficiently flexible to allow beef finishers to buy in cattle.

Pointing out that several DVOs allow farmers to apply for a derogation to purchase cattle while their herd was either restricted due to TB or suspected TB, ICSA beef chairman, Edmond Phelan, said this derogation was extremely important for beef finishers.

"This measure is currently under scrutiny by the European Commission, who may insist that it is removed for all restricted or suspect herds.

"This would have a devastating impact on the incomes of beef finishers who rely on being able to buy in store cattle to make their living," Mr Phelan said.

A spokesman for the Department of Agriculture said they shared the concerns of ICSA that reasonable arrangements continue to be available to cattle finishers who are restricted due to TB.

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