Farm Ireland

Thursday 23 November 2017

Talks on new charter of rights

Martin Ryan

Discussions are starting between the Department of Agriculture and the farm organisations on the drafting of a new farmers' charter of rights.

The IFA claims that it has received a commitment from Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney that he will push as hard as possible to get a new protocol to replace the existing one, which is 15 years old.

The IFA said that it will be seeking adequate notice of farm inspections, tolerance in the application of the farm schemes, and an acceptance that there is wear and tear in livestock tags and that farmers' everyday work of running a farm should not be unduly disrupted by the duration or frequency of farm inspections.

"While there are fewer farm inspections being carried out, we are finding that they are now taking much longer. It should not be necessary for any farm inspection to take up to two days to complete and that is what we are now hearing from our members," said IFA president John Bryan.

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