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Friday 24 November 2017

Taking the hard work out of tedious tasks

A self-driving lawnmower from John Deere
A self-driving lawnmower from John Deere

There are wonderful labour-saving devices available for those who physically cannot garden or just cannot be bothered with the numerous and varied tasks. Ride on lawnmowers take the pain out of mowing and some models are very efficient at mulching grass.

I even use mine for topping small paddocks. Alternatively, you can now purchase a self-driven electric mower that checks the weather and automatically mows the lawns as required. It can mow around flower beds and recognise and avoid obstacles.

When finished, it will automatically return to its parking bay for recharging. There are also cordless hedge trimmers and edging tools and endless other gadgets designed to make our lives easier. Automatic watering systems will look after your plants while you are on holidays.

Perhaps the best solution, if you can afford it, would be to employ someone to do it all for you. Trevor Sargent, in his excellent book Trevor's Kitchen Garden, asked a famous gardener and restaurateur what her favourite garden tool was. "My gardener of course" was her instant reply.

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