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Taking it to the maximum on combine threshing efficiency


Engineer Emmet Dunne fits a Maxi Threshing set to a Claas Lexion Concave

Engineer Emmet Dunne fits a Maxi Threshing set to a Claas Lexion Concave

Engineer Emmet Dunne fits a Maxi Threshing set to a Claas Lexion Concave

An engineering company based in Stradbally Co Laois has come up with a clever product that it says increases the threshing capacity of combine harvesters by around 10-15pc.

The Maxi Threshing kit is designed by Ken Graham Engineering Ltd, and the idea has already been shortlisted by the International Machinery Manufacturers Association (IMMA), with the firm now down to the last two for an award at this year’s Cereals 2016 event. Ken Graham Engineering has been manufacturing concaves and other parts for Combine harvesters since 1968.

The unit is based on a counter threshing system that can be easily fitted to the concave of any combine harvester. The company claims the unit is capable of increasing the threshing capacity of the concave by about 10-15pc.

David Graham explained: “With the advancement of crop husbandry, our clients were finding it increasingly difficult to thresh grain crops. We initially designed a high output concave which has proven a huge success in its own right, but now we have gone a step further with the Maxi-Threshing kit which is designed to fit both our high output concave and also standard concaves.

“The Maxi-Threshing kit is very easy to install to most makes and models of combine harvesters. We have found in our research that, in general, combine harvesters are only using about 80pc of the threshing area of the concave. Our Maxi-Threshing kit not only increases the capacity of the concave to thresh grain crops, but it also spreads the crop over 100pc of the threshing area of the concave.

“The combine harvester benefits by being able to have a faster ground speed and produce a cleaner crop sample.”

Mr Graham said the five walker kit costs €195 plus VAT, while the six walker kit costs €235 plus VAT. The Maxi Threshing unit is quite simple to fit, and is designed to be bolted in either by the end user or a mechanic.

High output

The concave doesn’t need to be removed and the kit takes about 20 minutes to fit in total. They are mainly designed to work in high output concaves, but can fit into all makes and models of combine harvester even with standard concaves.

“The real benefit of the kit is that it uses all the threshing space in the drum,” added Mr Graham.

“We found that the combines we tested are only using 80pc of the total available threshing area. Which in practical terms means you are only using five walkers in a six walker machine, and four in a five walker. “The costs involved in upgrading to an extra walker machine would be pretty high compared to our kit cost for the same extra output.”



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