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Saturday 17 March 2018

Taking bale wrapping into a different orbit

McHale Orbital Wrapper
McHale Orbital Wrapper

The second new product launched by McHale was the Orbital high speed round bale wrapper (pictured).

With this machine McHale has cleverly used their vertical wrapping ring technology seen in the firm's Fusion baler to deliver a high output bale wrapper capable of keeping up with multiple balers.

Once the operator drives into the bale, the lift arm can automatically lift the bale onto the machine.

As the lift arm moves the bale towards the wrapping ring, the wrapping roller closest to the tractor pivots out of the way.

This reduces the height the bale has to travel to get to the wrapper and allows the bale to move from the ground to the wrapping platform in a smooth, fast manner that is stress free on the machine.

Through the use of the patented tip roller the McHale Orbital wrapper can wrap bales from 1 metre up to 1.45 metres with ease.

The patented tip roller adjusts its height in line with bale size to ensure that the wrapping ring always applies the plastic to the centre of the bale, regardless of the bale diameter. This ensures the correct overlap is always achieved.

High speed

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Once the bale is loaded onto the bale wrapper, the high-speed vertical wrapping ring can apply four layers of film to a 1.25 metre bale in approximately 20 seconds or six layers of film in 30 seconds.

This high speed wrapping performance is delivered by two 750mm dispensers.

This wrapping system ensures an even overlap of film even if the machine is working on difficult or bumpy terrain.

With the Orbital wrapper the distance between the dispensers and the bale never changes, a system that McHale claims delivers trouble free wrapping with an even overlap.

Integral to the wrapping process is the cut and hold system which quickly gathers the film together at one point where it is cut and held.

The wrapper has been designed with in-built film break sensors, which immediately detects if the film breaks or runs out on either dispenser. When this happens the machine alerts the operator in the cab and automatically switches to single dispenser mode.

McHale sales manager, James Heanue, says a number of the new machines are already at work and reports have been positive so far.

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