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Swadro 1000 rake hits Ireland

New from Dublin-based Farmhand Ltd, who import and distribute the German range of Krone agricultural machinery, is the Krone Swadro 1000 rake.

It is a twin-rotor rake with a variable working width of 8.8-10m (28'11"- 32'10").

According to Farmhand, it was specially designed for large contractor applications, including raking three fully spread swaths from the Krone Big M self-propelled mower.

Each rotor has 15 tine arms with four double tines on each, and the patented DuraMax cam-track is maintenance-free due to its tine arm design.

The tine arms can be removed quickly and easily in the field in the case of collision damage. The operator removes just four bolts and then pulls the tine arm from the rotor together with its bearings and guide roller. To replace the outer arm end, the operator simply removes two roll pins.

"This is something users love about Krone rakes, you can replace an arm in just a few minutes, no problem," said Paul Scrivener, Farmhand area sales manager.

On the road, the tine arms fold to a transport height of less than 4m (13'1"). Standard on the Krone Swadro 1000 is electrical adjustment of the rotor height.

Also standard is a three-year guarantee. List price of the Krone Swadro 1000 is €33,600 plus VAT. Further details are available from Mr Scrivener on 087 287 0150 and

Bruce Lett

Indo Farming