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Friday 23 February 2018

Surge in demand adds ¤150/hd to steer prices

Martin Ryan

A surge in demand for beef at the factories has added up to €150/hd to steer prices in a month as returns to producers set a new level topping €4/kg for the first time.

Figures released by the Department of Agriculture show that November steer prices reached an national average of 399c/kg base (R=3=) and a premium of up to 34c/kg was paid for U grade animals.

The figures were compiled by the Department on the prices actually paid to producers for the national kill between November 21 and November 25 across all operating meat plants.

Base price average for steers varied between 390c/kg and 403c/kg, with the national average at 399c/kg, an increase of 39c/kg, equivalent to up to €150/head compared to the corresponding week in October.

The improvement in premiums paid for U grade animals continued to increase. The average premium nationally on U=4- steers increased by 65pc between October and November as the bonus paid reached 20c/kg over the base, compared to 13c/kg more in October.


The top price paid for steers was 437c/kg on a base of 403c/kg at Dunbia (Slane) for U grade steers, while several other plants paid above 424c/kg for U grade in the same week.

The national base for heifers increased to 407c/kg compared to 373c/kg in October. The premium on U=4+ heifers was up 50pc at 12c/kg compared to 8c/kg a month earlier.

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There was a slight increase in the average penalty applied to some O grade animals. The average penalty on O-4= nationally increased from an average of 26c/kg to 30c/kg for steers and for heifers from 31c/kg to 37c/kg.

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