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Sunday 18 March 2018

Supplies tight but prices strong as dairy stock hits €1,000-2,000

Joe Healy

There is no let up to the mart trade. Supplies are pretty tight but prices are very strong. Dairy stock in milk is making €1,000-2,000 depending on age and milkability. Young sucklers with a calf at foot are at €1,400-2,000.

Forward store cattle are selling extremely well, with nice continental-type steers making €2.40-2.70/kg. Heavy beef cull cows made upwards of €2/kg. Friesian bull calves of reasonably good quality are commanding €230-350, with plainer lots selling at €130-200. Continental calves are making €300-600 whether they are heifers or bulls.

Recently calved dairy heifers at Enniscorthy Mart sold for €1,200-1,720, while the in-calf heifers made €1,100-1,400 each. Maiden heifers sold for €760-950.

At the mart's calf sale, strong Friesian bulls made up to €370, while lighter types sold back to €170. Continental bull calves made €400-575, with heifers moving at €350-525. Hereford and Angus bulls sold for €375-485 and heifers for €230-415.

In-calf suckler cows made €950-1,500. Cows with a calf at foot sold for €1,550-2,180/unit.

Friesian bull calves generally made €180-280 in Kilmallock yesterday. Very light Holstein types sold back to €130. Hereford and Angus heifers made €200-300.

At Kilkenny Mart, the 450-600kg bullocks were up by as much as €20/hd and sold for €2.30-2.67/kg, with Friesians at up to €2.02/kg. Heavier types made €2-2.39/kg, while lots under 400kg sold for €2.50-3.24/kg. Friesians of 350-400kg made up to €1.89/kg.

Beef heifers sold for €2.20-2.78/kg, with butcher types at €1.90-2.53/kg. Stores traded for €2.40-2.95/kg. in-calf suckler cows made €950-1,480. Cows with a calf at foot sold for €1,300-1,440/unit. Continental cull cows sold for €1.65-2.25/kg. Friesians made €1.25-1.85/kg.

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Dowra had 610 cattle on offer. Forward store heifers made €2-2.50/kg, with a few lots for breeding making up to €3/kg. Lighter stores made €2-2.80, while weanling heifers made €2.20-2.80. A few top lots sold up to €3.30/kg. Weanling bulls over 500kg made €1.90-2.50/kg, with lighter bulls at €2.20-3.30kg. The best of the cull cows made €1.60-2.15, with older cows at €1.30-1.80/kg. Good in-calf heifers made €1,600-2,300, with the older in-calf cows at €1,200-1,500 each.

Heavy steers sold for €2.22-2.81/kg at Balla Mart. Lighter types made €2.48-3.01/kg. Trade for heifers was also strong, with some quality heavy lots making €2.32-2.70/kg. Forward stores made €2.71-3.12/kg. Cull cows sold to a top of €1,870.

Prices were well up overall on previous weeks for weanling bulls, with some quality lighter lots making up to €3.54/kg.

Carnew had 1,150 cattle on offer at its heifer fatstock show and sale. Factory heifers made €650-1,810 over their weight. Butcher types made €550-1,300 over. Stores sold for €450-850 over. Weanling heifers made €420-900 with the €1/kg. Cull cow prices ran at €350-1,200 over.

The 550-580kg forward store-type bullocks were the best seller in Ballinakill, as they made €1.95-2.85/kg. Heavier lots sold for €2.15-2.65/kg, with light stores at €1.80-2.85/kg. Weanling bulls hit €2.10-2.70/kg. In the heifer section, well-fleshed lots sold for €2.20-2.45/kg, while stores moved at €1.85-2.65/kg and weanlings at €1.90-2.45/kg.

Light stores at Ballymote made €500-760 over, with heavy lots making up to €910 over. Suckler springers made €1,090-1,565. Cull cows sold for €200 over for backward Friesian types up to €655 over for the fatter continental lots.

The best of the heavy bulls over 600kg at Raphoe Mart sold for €625-1,420 over. Beef bullocks made €690-1,120 over.

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