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Sunny days ahead predicts Kiwi forecaster Ring


Eamonn Quirke Ballinree, Co Carlow cutting a hybrid grass mix.

Eamonn Quirke Ballinree, Co Carlow cutting a hybrid grass mix.

Eamonn Quirke Ballinree, Co Carlow cutting a hybrid grass mix.

FARMERS anxiously worrying about weather for hay-making and silage can expect a dry and sunny June, according to the Kiwi weather guru, Ken Ring.

After correctly predicting extremely wet conditions across the country for May, the New Zealander expects that June weather will be 13pc drier than average overall.

The hours of sunshine will be up to 41pc above average, according to Mr Ring, whose website has become a hit with Irish farmers over the past five years.

Statistics from Met Eireann have shown that the forecast he gave last October for March, April and May has proven accurate.

He predicted the good summer weather in 2014 and the heatwave in 2013 with uncanny accuracy.

The weather guru also forecast that more than twice the normal rainfall would land in the northern regions during May.

Official Met Eireann statistics for May show Malin Head had the wettest May in over 120 years with rainfall at 235pc of average and its second highest total for May since records began in 1885.

Cork Airport reported the month's wettest day on June 2 with 38.5mm, its wettest May day since 1973.

Lower rainfall

Mr Ring predicted farmers in the northern region of the country could fare best during this month with conditions drier by around 39pc, followed by the west enjoying an estimated 19pc less than average rainfall.

The east could be drier by 4pc, but the south will fare worst with rainfall predicted to be 9pc higher than average.

The weather man said that most days should have some hours of sunshine with the northern region the sunniest by up to 48pc.

He said farmers should make the most of the June weather, because July is likely to be slightly wetter than average in most regions of the country with the exception of the south, estimated to be drier by around 9pc.

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