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Saturday 20 January 2018

Sumo and Mzuri compete for market share

The Sumo DTS strip till drill
The Sumo DTS strip till drill

Sales of strip tillage drills are increasing in Ireland, but apart from the Claydon machine featured here what other brands are getting a slice of the action?

Sumo and Mzuri are two other names those looking at trying a strip tillage system might want to look into.

The Sumo Deep Tillage Seeder (DTS) is a one-pass drill that can work straight into previous crop residues and cover crops.

The DTS drill is designed to work directly into the previous year's crop residues, but it will also work with a min-till or plough-based system.

Its design is based around the concept discussed in this article, strip till drilling, a method of only loosening and preparing a band of soil where the seed is to be placed.

The soil in between is left undisturbed so there is no working of the ground unnecessarily. Prices for the DTS start at around €40,000 plus VAT for a 3m machine.

Sumo claims that there are many advantages to the strip tilling process, namely that it is quicker than conventional plough based systems, large areas can be drilled in one pass, soil structure improves (better drainage, less erosion) and the cost and time savings are significant.

The specific working widths and row spacings of the DTS mean it can be used alongside other machinery as part of a controlled traffic policy to reduce field compaction.

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Mzuri Pro-Til

Meanwhile, the Mzuri Pro-Til strip tillage drill works by cultivating a uniformed till and placing the seed at a controlled depth providing the soil environment for each seed to germinate quickly.

The price of a 3m Mzuri Pro-Til is around €42,000 plus VAT and minimum power requirement is 150hp for a 3m unit.

The strip-till tines and wheels are alternatively staggered to give ample space for trash to flow through. The coulter units on the Mzuri drill are each connected to a balanced pressurised hydraulic system, which ensures an even soil pressure to each of the rear wheels.

The controlled pressure allows for an accurate seed depth and good soil-to-seed contact. While the Mzuri is specifically designed as a single pass 'stubble to seed bed' drill, the firm claims it is equally at home with inversion systems.

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