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Summing up the tractor's performance

Cab build quality is good, robust and there is lots of room and storage area inside. The last thing you want is a tractor to break down in sub-zero temperatures; the Finns build tractors to be worked hard in some of the toughest conditions in the world, which in itself deserves respect.

Valtra has taken a common sense approach to designing this tractor. CVT's by their nature can be complicated and Valtra seems to understand that not everyone is a techno geek and so have used knobs, switches and levers to adjust key transmission settings. It is easy to drive, even if you know nothing about vario transmissions, but there is an awful lot you can learn as well to fine-tune how it operates.

Many would be happier with a conventional power-shift transmission, but the demand for CVT transmissions is here to stay and, once converted, many will drive nothing else.

Thanks to Brian Roche and Lacken Agricultural Machinery for the use of their tractor.

For more information visit where you can 'drive' the company's Direct tractors with CVT transmission.

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