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Monday 18 December 2017

Strong demand reported in marts

A strong all-round trade was reported from the sheep marts as the number of spring lambs began to increase, while plenty of customers were at ringside to bid for the present supplies.

Wexford Mart's very large entry of sheep met with a lively trade. New-season lambs sold for €113-130, butcher and factory hoggets made €52-71 over the weight in a €98-122 price range and stores sold for €83-98, while cull ewes made €47-131.

Breeding ewes with two lambs at foot sold from €122 up to a top of €198, while those with singles made €98-156. In-lamb ewes sold for €94-133.

Factory hoggets were up €2/hd in Tullow and made €96-120 (€52-69/hd) along with the euro. Store hoggets ran at €31-59 over and sold for €59-89/hd. Strong demand for culls saw prices range from €35- 119/hd. Spring lambs made €112-124, which reflected a price of €74-85 over the weight.

Baltinglass also had a large sale. Hoggets weighing 42-50kg sold for €90-119, with 30-40kg types being sold for €83-90/hd. Fat cull ewes made up to €100, while the more storish-type varieties achieved €52. Ewes with a pair of lambs made up to €161, while those with singles sold for as much as €124.

In Athenry yesterday the good-quality spring lambs sold for up to €135/hd (€86 over the weight). Several lots weighing 42-48kg made €110-133/hd, while well-fleshed hoggets around 50kg achieved €120-130/hd (€70-78 over). Plainer lots sold for €30-60 with the weight.

Over in the west at Maam Cross, hoggets made from €57-77/hd, in-lamb ewes sold for €52-77 and ewes with lambs at foot achieved up to €125/hd.

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