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Wednesday 17 January 2018

Stripping made easy with claw

Bruce Lett

Hi-Spec engineering from Bagen-alstown, Co Carlow, recently launched its new Hi-Spec Bale Strip which has been designed to handle and strip wrapped silage bales of their plastic and netting.

It's designed to work along with a knife mounted on top of a feed mixer or on the ground, depending whether or not the farmer is putting the bales into a feed mixer.

It works by picking up the bale with two tines, and then a claw arm, which is mounted over the bale, grabs the plastic or netting.

The bale is then moved over the knife (either on the feed mixer or the ground) which slices the underside of the plastic/netting. A fixed knife on the handler splits the plastic between the two tines when the bale is first picked up.

With cuts made on both the flat and round side of the bale, the tines move out to either side completing a tear of the plastic or netting and the bale is split and falls into the feeder mixer or onto the passageway.

According to Hi-Spec, this is especially useful for farmers using bales in their feed mixer as the claw arm that grabs the plastic/netting can pull it upwards to avoid it coming into contact with the mixing augers.

The price of the bale strip is €2,850 plus VAT. Contact Hi-Spec for details on 059 972 1929.

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