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Wednesday 24 January 2018

Straw demand eases as harvest supply hits the market

Caitriona Murphy

Demand for straw eased slightly last week as the main harvest progressed, bringing more straw onto the market.

In the Kildare area, quotes for 4x4 round bales of barley straw have eased from a top price of €15 two weeks ago to €11-12/bale on Friday.

"Money is scarce with farmers at the moment," said one dealer. "The trade is not bad and straw is being sold but money is tight."

The dealer said prices had slacked from €17 to €14 for 8x3x2 square bales of barley straw and from €30 to €25 for 8x4x3 bales.

One farmer in the Stradbally/Athy area was quoting €12/bale for round bales of barley and oaten straw and €10 for wheaten but was being offered €10/bale by buyers.

"Straw is not as scarce as people thought at first," he said.


"I don't think the drop in acres sown was as high as people predicted, certainly in this area anyway."

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Other individual straw sellers in Kildare have secured €13/bale for both wheaten and barley 4x4 round bales.

In Roscommon, 4x4 round bales of barley were making €10 ex-field or €18, delivered to the west. Wheaten and oaten straw was being sold at €9/bale.

However, prices of €14/bale for 4x4 round bales of barley were still being achieved in certain areas of the country.

A seller in Meath secured €13-14/bale and €11-12/bale for 4x4 round bales of barley and wheaten straw respectively.

Quotes remain high in Tipperary, too, with €13-14/bale being paid for barley and oaten straw, ex-field.

Large 8x4x3 square bales of wheaten straw for diet feeding made €28 ex-field, while 4x4 round bales of barley straw made €14 and round bales of wheaten straw made €13/bale.

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