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Tuesday 24 April 2018

Store and ewe lamb returns rise €5/hd

Sheep marts

Joe Healy

The mart trade for sheep remains strong, especially for store and ewe lambs, with prices for those types of stock up by as much as €5/hd. Ewe lambs hit a top price of €141, while stores sold for €70-102/hd, or €45-60 over the €1/kg. Factory and butcher types generally made from €50-65 over. Older ewes scanned in lamb sold for €140/hd.

The best reported price for cull ewes was €127. Store ewes for further feeding were making from €60-90 each. Yesterday's sales appeared to show further improvement in prices compared to the second half of last week with more of the stronger lambs clearly making up to and over €60 with the €1/kg.

A good sale in Athenry saw the nicely fleshed, heavier lambs of 46-56kg sell for €57-67 over the €1/kg. Lighter lambs sold for €45-52 over. A joint clearance and reduction sale of more than 100 Charolais ewes on Saturday reflected the strong sheep trade as ewes scanned in lamb sold from €350-720 each in general with some of the top lots selling for €1,000-1,600.

Lambs in Fermoy hit a high of €72 over, with the general run of lambs over 45kg making from €50-65 over the weight.

Stores made €45-52 with the weight.

Good lambs at Kilkenny Mart were making €52-65 over.

Sheep numbers were smaller at Dowra Mart but prices continued to improve with the best of the store lambs making from €75-95 each, while good ewe lambs sold from €100-132/hd. Heavy cull ewes moved at €80-110 each, while ewes for feeding made from €45-75/hd.

Carnew Mart had 1,800 sheep on offer. Butcher and factory lots were similar to the previous week but store and ewe lambs were up by €5/hd.

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The ewe lambs ranged from €55-82 over the €1/kg. Stores made €45-60 over and sold for €73-102. Prices for the finished types ran from €104-116 or €55-62 with the weight. Cull ewes made €60-127.

Mountbellew had larger numbers of sheep on offer to the previous week, with a firm trade reported for all lots.

Prices showed a slight increase for heavier lambs and heavy ewe lambs, with the former selling from €100-120 while the ewe lambs sold from €110-140.

Store lambs were steady in a price range of €75-102. There was brisk trade for cull ewes with heavier lots making up to €118. Plainer types sold back to €70/hd.

There were more than 1,000 sheep for sale at Baltinglass Mart. An improved trade all round saw store lambs up €3-5/hd.

The 45-50kg lambs were making €100-112 while the 40-45kg lots sold up to €106. Suffolk-cross ewe lambs sold to a top price of €141. Prices for cull ewes ranged from €80 to €115. Aged ewes scanned in lamb made up to €140.

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