Farm Ireland

Tuesday 20 March 2018

Stop penalising lambs on weight demands ICSA

The ICSA has called on factories to start accepting heavier spring lambs.

Sheep chairman Paul Brady says that it is wrong of factories to penalise famers if their lambs weigh in at more than 21kg.

"The quality of lamb compared to a hogget is the difference between night and day," he said.

"But with hogget and even crossbred ewes capable of getting good grades in the factories, there is absolutely no incentive to breed the higher quality lamb.

"Factories only taking lambs up 21kg and hoggets up 23.5kg are essentially saying they are the same product. Treating all lambs as the same is actually major disincentive to farmer breeding a better quality flock. We are calling for an urgent redress of this situation."

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