Farm Ireland

Tuesday 22 May 2018

Still deadlocked in the west

Martin Ryan

The deadlock continues in the West over the nominations for the Connacht regional chair, as voting concludes in the Munster region.

The voting in IFA branches in the nine executive regions in Munster finished with a lower than expected turnout. Munster is the only region where an election is taking place for a regional chair after Kilkenny's James Murphy and Monaghan's Bert Stewart were returned unopposed in South Leinster and Ulster/North Leinster.

The deadlock remains in the West after no agreement could be reached for a candidate to get a second nomination. John O'Beirne was blocked from going forward due to an off-farm job.

"There is still time for an election to be completed before the AGM if the deadlock is resolved," an IFA source said.

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