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Tuesday 24 April 2018

Stay in text with the milk tank

Dairymaster's new Swift Cool bulk milk tank can be controlled by text message.

Farmers can control the tank's cooling and deep cooling systems even if they are miles away from the farm.

"For example, if a farmer was away on holiday and has someone in milking for him, he can check to see if the tank has been set to cool, the level of milk in the tank and the milk temperature," said Dairymaster's Lisa Herlihy. "If it has not, he can send a text message to the tank, telling it to start cooling."

The control system also means the farmer can be alerted if the bulk tank has not been washed after milk collection.

They will also be alerted by text to any problem with the tank: for example, if the milk has not been sufficiently cooled or if there had been power cuts.

Three quick access information buttons on the tank itself can be used by the farmer to review a temperature graph, tank information and a report of recent events.

A water level monitoring system has also been developed, which allows the farmer to use the correct water and detergent concentration for best washing. The system will display a message on the screen when the detergent is running low.

Night-cool mode allows the milk temperature to be brought to a lower level during the night using the cheaper rate electricity. This means that, with the morning milk, the compressor will not need to work as hard with the tank at a cooler temperature.

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