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Spud exports to Russia hit 2,000t/wk

Potato exports to Russia are continuing at a staggering 2,000t a week, according to the latest data from the Department of Agriculture.

Another boat is being loaded in Greenore Port in Co Louth this week, which is likely to bring total potato exports in the past two months to 16,200t. All the potatoes have been shipped 3,000km to St Petersburg in Russia, where a drought hit crop yields severely last year.

One of the main exporters is Meade Potato Company, based in Lobinstown, Co Meath. The company claimed that it had been canvassed by potato farmers from all over the country interested in availing of the export outlet for its bumper crop.

Yields this harvest averaged up to 20t/ac, compared to closer to 13t/ac in the 2009/10 harvest. Potato yields over the past few years have been hit by poor growing seasons, poor harvesting conditions and severe frost, which damaged up to 30pc of the crop in some areas last year.

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