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Thursday 14 December 2017

Spring lamb prices up €5/hd at marts

Joe Healy

Good news prevailed in the sheep trade throughout the past week.

Most significant was the turnaround in fortunes for spring lamb, with many marts reporting price rises of up to €5/hd. Fat cull ewes were finding it easier to exceed €100 while lively demand saw ewe hoggets make from €110-140, with up to €145 paid for a 47kg lot at Athenry mart. Well-fleshed lambs sold for €50-59 over the weight with most of the suitable lambs over 44kg exceeding €100/hd. Cull ewes sold for between €80-112. Prices for lambs at Fermoy mart ranged from €50-58kg over the €/kg with a maximum of €61 over. Hoggets were scarce and sold from €75-83.

Kilkenny mart reported a big jump of €8-12/hd at yesterday's sale, with the factory lambs making €62-67 with their weight. A top price of €115 was paid for 49kg. Butcher types sold for €59-65 over. Cull ewes made from €70-114.

The sheep trade was improved at Dowra mart last Saturday with the lambs making from €80-98 and a few pens of store lambs making from €70-80 each.

Hoggets for breeding made from €100-130 each while ewes with twin lambs at foot sold from €150-240 while ewes with singles made from €80-200.

Trade at Baltinglass mart was also improved. Spring lambs were up €3-5/hd. The 40-50kg lots were selling for €100-108. Lambs of 35-40kg made from €90-100 each. Lighter lots sold to €85. Ewes with lambs at foot made up to €200.

At the Ballymote sale, lambs made up to €54 over the weight. Yearlings with single lambs sold to €235/unit.

Cull ewes made up to €97 each at Tuam mart. The highest price for ewes with a lamb at foot was €147. Nicely fleshed lambs were making from €50-58 over the €/kg.

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Lambs were up by €2-3/hd at Enniscorthy mart with the butcher types selling for €50-55 over the weight in a price-range of €100-105.

Factory lambs were making €51-57 over at prices of €96-99 each. Heavy cull ewes sold to €110. Breeding ewes with twin lambs made €220-254 while those with one lamb at foot made €175-215.

Carnew mart had a smaller sale with 650 sheep on offer. All sheep were up by €8-10/hd. Butcher and factory lambs sold from €92-109. Store prices ran from €78-90. Cull ewes made from €65-117. Ewes with lambs at foot were making €135-256.

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