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Spring lamb hit hard as returns back €10-14/hd

Spring lamb faced a tougher trade at the marts this week as the latest prices showed a price drop of €10-14/hd.

Dowra Mart reported a strong trade for all classes of sheep on Saturday, with a particularly strong demand for ewes with lambs at foot. Good young ewes with pairs made €160-210 each, while the best of the ewes with singles made €100-135. Hoggets sold for €65-90, while the heavier lots made up to €110/hd. The cull ewes made €70-110 for the heavier ewes, while feeding ewes made €40-70 each.

In Athenry yesterday, trade for the spring lamb was a lot tougher than last week, with prices back by €10-14/ hd. Factory lambs of 40-46kg sold for €100-120/hd (€60-74 over the weight). Lighter types of 35-40kg made €45-60 over. The good hogget made €56-69 with the weight, while plainer types at 40-48kg sold for €44-50 over.

Mountain hoggets sold for an average of €62 in Maam Cross at the weekend, with a top price of €110.

In-lamb ewes made up to €74, while the general run for these types was around €62. There was better demand if they had lambs at foot, with an average price of €80 paid for those. Some quality lots made up to €93.

Trade in Kilkenny appeared to be holding fairly well for the new-season lamb, with a tops of €129 paid for a pen of Suffolk-cross, butcher-type lambs. Tops for the factory lamb was €123 for 45kg stock. The lighter animals struggled as the 35-39kg lambs found it difficult to make any more than €80/hd.

Mountbellew Mart had a big supply of cull ewes, where the heavier ones met a lively market, selling for up to €128. The lighter types made from €60 upwards. Ewes with twin lambs made up to €205/hd, while young ewes with singles sold for €130-162/hd.

Good hoggets made €55-63 over, while spring lambs suitable for the factory sold up to €112/hd and generally made from €58-64 over the weight.

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