Special provision to double allowance

Caitriona Murphy

Milk production partnerships have been given some special provision in both the dairy equipment and rainwater harvesting schemes.

Approved partnerships will be given a doubled allowance for the maximum production units.

For example, the maximum production units allowed in the Dairy Equipment Scheme is 500 units per holding but in the case of a milk partnership, the maximum production units will be 1,000.

Interestingly, however, the investment ceiling is not doubled so the partnership will still be limited to a maximum investment of €40,000 in milking equipment and €25,000 for milk cooling equipment.

It is understood that the same rule will apply for the Rainwater Harvesting Scheme -- maximum production levels will be doubled for partnerships but the investment ceiling will remain at €25,000.

Given that milk partnerships would be expected to be larger farm units with bigger equipment requirements and higher water usage levels, this limitation on partnerships will probably be the subject of intense lobbying in the coming months.

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