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Monday 11 December 2017

Southeast offers best price for granular urea

Caitriona Murphy

Caitriona Murphy

Local price wars are keeping downward pressure on prices as merchants scrap for business, according to the latest IFA fertiliser price survey.

The southeast of the country remains the most competitive for granular urea, said IFA inputs chairman Chris Hayes.

"Prices on offer in that region are around the €400/t level for urea, with 10-10-20 available at €460/t for top lift bags delivered on farm," he said.

Granular urea prices are at €400-460/t for big bags across the country. Munster prices are at €435-455/t, while prices in Ulster are at €425-400/t.

In south Leinster, urea is available at €400-435/t, while prices in the northern part of the province are higher at €409-440/t. Urea quotes are highest in the west, where urea is being quoted at €460/t.

Bagged CAN prices are lowest in Leinster, where the range is €309-335/t in the south and €310-335/t in the north. The highest prices at €330-350/t are in Ulster and the west.

Best quotes for 18-6-12 in big bags are to be found in north Leinster, where €420-445/t is being quoted. The highest prices are again in the west at €440-455/t.

Big bags of 27-2.5-5 are being quoted at €419-440 in south Leinster, €420-448 in north Leinster and €425-450/t in Munster.

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Quotes for big bags of 24-2.5-10 are €425-455 in Leinster and €5 higher at €430-455/t in Munster.

Finally, there is a €20/t gap between 10-10-20 quotes in Munster and Leinster.

Munster quotes are €480-495/t, while Leinster quotes are €460-490/t, according to the IFA price survey.

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