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Sunday 21 January 2018

Some summer sun says Ken

Weather guru Ken Ring predicts a good summer
Weather guru Ken Ring predicts a good summer

Martin Ryan

Met Eireann is forecasting temperatures to rise above the mid-20s by the middle of the week – a full eight months after Kiwi weather guru, Ken Ring, issued a similar prediction last October.

Met Eireann's summary of the week said that today will be a very warm day, with top temperatures 19C to 23C, best in the mid-west and west.

"Wednesday will also be very warm, and values may well peak at 24C or 25C, in the midlands, mid-west and west," they said.

Mr Ring accurately predicted showery conditions for the first half of June, with temperatures rising into the mid-20s by June 24-25 during a dry and sunny second half to the month. And the New Zealander is optimistic for more good weather until September.

In January 2013, Mr Ring, who uses moon cycles to make his long range weather forecasts, correctly predicted the scorching summer ahead and indicated that July 9 would be the hottest day at 30C. The official temperature recorded for the day was 29.8C.

He has published a 450-page Weather Almanac for Ireland with detailed weather predictions for each day of the year and collects regular data from several weather monitoring stations which he has positioned around Ireland.

In relation to 2014, he said that no records would be broken, nor would there be any lasting heatwave similar to 2013. However, he was still optimistic about the months ahead.


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"The summer is expected to be sunnier and warmer than average. The most settled periods are during the last 10 days of each month of the season. In particular, the last weeks of June and July may be significantly dry, warm, bright and sunny".

He also predicted that temperatures in July will stay "fairly constantly in the 20s" after July 19, with the final days in the month possibly among the hottest for the season.

He also predicts temperatures of 20-21C throughout August and "after some rain up to September 6-8 it goes dry all the way to the end of the month and into the first days of October".

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