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Friday 23 February 2018

Soft sellers ensure quotes unchanged


Joe Healy

It might have been 4-0 to Trap's men in Tallinn last Friday night but it's 6-0 with regard to the sheep quotes this morning, with a half dozen of the plants quoting exactly the figure they were at a week ago and only one conceding ground. Having said that, Kildare Chilling, being this latter plant having dropped their base by 5c/kg, are said to be one of the better places to negotiate a higher price.

The galacticos of European rugby, Toulouse, are coming west next weekend but it is definitely a case of "go west young man" if you want the best base quote because Kepak Athleague are clearly tops of the plants quoting a base and a bonus of 470cc/kg plus 5c/kg.

Overall, though, the 480c/kg all in on offer from Moyvalley keeps them in pole position for yet another week. As you will see from the table, the 470c/kg plus 5c/kg being quoted in Kepak Hacketstown was for yesterday only.

Elsewhere, the two ICM plants and Dawn Ballyhaunis areat a ridiculously low quote of 460c/kg plus 6c/kg given what is having to be paid for most lambs - although there are some soft selling farmers out there.

So it is hard to blame the plants for continuing to quote well below what they are willing to pay, and are paying, when they know that they will get a certain amount of stock from those soft sellers.

The markets are strong, with factory sources admitting that supplies are, at best just, satisfying demand.

IFA sheep chairman James Murphy said that the trade remains very solid, with prices of 490c/kg up to a tops of €5/kg.

There is no change to the quote for cull ewes. Both of the ICM plants, Kildare Chilling and Kepak Hacketstown continue to quote 270c/kg. Dawn are on 260c/kg, while Kepak Athleague remain at 250c/kg. Moyvalley are not quoting. Again, as with the lambs, it is important to maximise the agreed price.

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An Bord Bia reported that the sheep trade remained unchanged over the past week as demand remains evenly matched with supplies on both domestic and export markets.

In Britain the trade has strengthened due to tightening in domestic supplies and the ongoing strengthening in the pound against the euro.

By the weekend, livemarket prices were unchanged at €5.03/kg for lambs.

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