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Tuesday 20 February 2018

SMP bids rejected by EU Commission

The European Commission dairy management committee has once again rejected all bids for skim milk powder (SMP) in the latest round of intervention tenders.

The committee voted unanimously on Thursday to reject SMP bids ranging from €1,960/t to €1,980/t because the prices were both lower than the EU average weighted price for SMP for food (€,2230/t) and feed purposes (€2,090/t).

The committee also voted unanimously to reject the €3,100/t bid submitted for 0.725t of butter.

The next tender for intervention stocks will take place on August 26, when 1,545t of butter and 79,553t of SMP will be available.

ICSA vow to fight for SFP envelope

ICSA president Gabriel Gilmartin has vowed to fight for the retention of the single farm payment envelope for Ireland at its maximum level in the upcoming negotiations on CAP reform. Speaking at a meeting in west Cork, Mr Gilmartin emphasised that ICSA were committed to protecting the current level of SFP, particularly for farm families.

He also outlined that ICSA was exploring the possibility of a grassland premium as an add-on payment for farmers under the new CAP.

"This payment would meet the EU's objectives under climate change and environmental goals, and perhaps could be funded through a climate change fund from outside the CAP budget."

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ICSA general secretary Eddie Punch reiterated that ICSA will be applying pressure on all levels of Government over the coming weeks to ensure that there will be no further cuts to farmers as part of the Government plans to shave off €3bn in the upcoming budget.

Horse breeders in disease warning

Irish thoroughbred breeders have been warned that standing still in the face of challenges from infectious equine diseases is not an option.

Speaking at the Irish Thoroughbred Breeders Association (ITBA) National Biosecurity Symposium, Minister for Agriculture Brendan Smith called for a 'whole industry' approach to the risks associated with equine health matters.

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