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Smartphones can double as scanners

INFRARED tomography is not something that most sheep farmers will be familiar with, but that may be about to change over the coming years.

According to Teagasc's Nóirín McHugh, technology already exists to convert smartphones into sophisticated scanning devices capable of diagnosing foot rot, dag scores and worm burdens.

"This is very exciting stuff and we'll have some of the devices on display at the open day," she said.


There is increasing focus within the study of animal genetics on the noticeable differences between animals to resist common diseases. Scientists also believe that the heritability of these traits is high enough to allow these traits to be selectively targeted and bred for in a flock.

"At the moment we only get a lot of information flowing back from the handful of flocks that are participating in the central progeny test (CPT) programme.

"This type of technology opens up the possibility of farmers easily collecting data from every flock, simply by using the camera on their smartphone with the appropriate app."

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