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• There are one billion mobile internet users in the world.

• Globally, there are five billion smartphones currently in use.

• By the end of 2010, smartphone sales overtook PC sales.

• Google predicts that mobile internet will overtake desktop in 2013.

• In one week, 81pc of smartphone users browse the internet, 77pc use a search engine, 48pc watch a video and 63pc access a social network.

• 39pc use smartphones in the bathroom, 33pc while watching TV and 22pc while reading a newspaper.

• 79pc use a smartphone to help with shopping.

• 95pc of those look for local information and 88pc take action the same day by calling the business or visiting its website.

• 82pc of smartphone users notice a mobile ad, 42pc click on a mobile ad and 35pc visit the advertiser's site.

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