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Sunday 27 May 2018

Slurrykat a real success story in midst of gloom

SlurryKat manufactures umbilical systems ranging from 50-5,000m, as well as tankers, silage trailers and slurry pumps.

During the open day, it was refreshing to hear Mr Cairns say his company has doubled its staff numbers since 2010.

Two factors made this growth possible. Firstly, SlurryKat has been making great progress with opening up new export markets all over the world.

Secondly, the launch of a new tanker range two years ago broadened the product range. The new 11,000-litre tanker is priced at €31,350 plus VAT.

"Our machines are now in operation in the US, Canada, Europe, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. The Scandinavian market is really performing well for us. Average field and farm size over there is quite similar to Ireland so I suppose customers identify with an Irish-made machine.

"Around 45pc of our factory output is sold in Ireland and Britain, with the remainder being exported to those countries I mentioned," explained Mr Cairns.

SlurryKat now directly employs 35 people, up from about 18 staff two years ago when trading conditions were more difficult. Company turnover is expected to be £9.8m this year. The firm subcontracts out some of its steel pressing work to a local engineering company in Armagh, so there is indirect employment as well.

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