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Thursday 26 April 2018

Sluggish start as most marts yet to kick off after holidays

Cattle marts

Trade Boost: There was a strong trade for cull cows at New Ross Mart of Saturday. Photo: Roger Jones
Trade Boost: There was a strong trade for cull cows at New Ross Mart of Saturday. Photo: Roger Jones

Joe Healy

Carnew Mart had 400hd of cattle and 60 calves at their sale last Saturday. Prices were improved from the pre-Christmas sale. Beef and forward store bullocks were making from €620-970 with their weight.

Lighter stores were selling for €350-840 over. Beef heifers were in good demand and sold for €550-1,000 over the €/kg. Stores made from €350-660 over the weight.

The best of the cull cows hit a high of €840 with the weight while the lots for further feeding sold back to €120 over the €/kg.

In the suck calf ring, quality, age and strength varied quite a bit with the Friesian bulls.

Prices reflected this and ranged from €75-230. Continental bull calves sold from €220-460 while the heifers made from €170-420.

Dowra had a small turnout of 140 cattle on offer in its first sale of 2014, and trade was quiet for all sorts with no real enthusiasm at ringside.

A few nice Charollais heifer weanlings over 300kg made up to and over €500 with the weight but the general run for the heifer weanlings was €300-400 over.

The few good store heifers on offer made up to €500 with their weight. Plainer lots proved harder sold.

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The bull weanlings met a sluggish trade with just a few top lots making up to €500 with the weight. Poorer types struggled to make €250-300 over.

Cull cows also proved a difficult sell. Even though it was mostly stores on offer, these generally moved at €200-250 with their weight.

Bullocks at Maam Cross mart were selling for €1.85-2.80/kg. Heifers made from €1.60-2.75/kg. Prices for weanlings varied from €1.60-2.90/kg with a tops of €950 paid for a continental bull weighing 400kg. Suckler cows with a calf at foot sold for €980-1,320/unit. Cull cows made from €1.25-1.95/kg. Their next sale is on Saturday next, January 11.

Beef: New year but same old prices for steers and heifers

There was little change to report in the cattle trade during the final two weeks of 2013.

Prices for steers and heifers were largely unchanged with base quotes steady. Prices for R grade steers were around €4.00-€4.05/kg, while heifers were reported to be making €4.10-€4.15/kg.

The trade for cull cows was maintained with quotes for O grades ranging from €2.90-€3.15/kg.

Cattle supplies at export meat plants for the week ending December 21 stood around 29,200 head, which was approximately 800 head higher than the same period in 2012. For the final week of the year, the week ending December 28, supplies stood at 11,711, which is around 1,400 head lower than a year earlier. For the year, throughput reached 1.49m head, a rise of 7pc on 2012 levels. There was little activity been reported over the last week in either Britain or on the Continent, but trade levels are expected to return to normal from next week.

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