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Saturday 18 November 2017

Sluggish demand for straw trade as Northern buyers stay scarce

Caitriona Murphy

Caitriona Murphy

Straw prices are expected to come under pressure as the main harvest continues apace this week.

Prices in the south of the country are generally €1-2 lower for a 4x4 bale than the midlands and more northern counties.

Barley straw in Cork, Waterford and Carlow is being quoted at €10/bale, while in Tipperary round bales are selling for €8-10.

Wicklow sellers are also reporting prices of €8-10/bale, with 4x4 bales costing €1 more in the Dublin region, at €9-10/bale.

In Laois and Kilkenny, prices of €10-12/bale have been paid.

Barley straw delivered into Galway and Roscommon is costing €15-18, while bales delivered to Donegal are fetching in the region of €15/bale. Deliveries of straw from Kildare to the western region are being quoted at €16-18/bale.

Dealers are reporting sluggish demand for straw, with one Kildare-based dealer quoting the example of a northern buyer who usually has 20-30 loads ordered before harvest but this year has only bought seven loads so far.

Another Tipperary-based dealer said he was dreading the winter wheat straw hitting the market because it would depress the trade.

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He added that some Northern mushroom growers had been put off coming south this year after being charged very high prices last year.

Meanwhile, there is a huge range in hay prices this year, with top-quality horse hay making €25 per 4x4 round bale and lesser quality hay making €15-20/bale.

Really good quality hay is in demand, particularly as there are reports of bales heating in the shed.

Other prices quoted for round bales of hay include €17.50/bale in Kildare, €18/bale in Cavan and Westmeath, €19 in Meath, €20 in Wexford and €22 in Dublin.

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