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Thursday 22 March 2018

Sleek new machine has a pristine look and improved drive

New Fusion in town, but what's the spec?

A lot of the time it's hard to tell what's actually new about the latest version of a machine. With the mark III Fusion it basically boils down to the following main changes:

* New machine guards – giving better access and a more modern look;

* New platform and hand rails – for easier access to net system;

* Door lock tap located outside the panels on the main platform for operator convenience;

* Improved net storage – on main platform;

* Heavy duty Walterschied PTO with star tubing and heavy duty crosses;

* Five tine bar pick up – giving 25pc better ground cleaning and crop transfer;

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* Knife pressure display on control box with audible alarm;

* Knife position sensor to ensure better chop quality;

* Double row rotor bearing for reducing service intervals;

* Tubular chassis design to minimise crop build up;

* Two additional film roll holders for more film storage;

* LED lights for improved durability and safety.


One of the most noticeable features of the Fusion mark III is that it looks completely different to its predecessor.

The new twin skin panels give the machine a sleek look, but it also makes the new Fusion look less square shouldered than its predecessor – something that I know some users aren't happy with.

However, the panels allow for better accessibility to machine components and should reduce chaff build up, so you can see the thinking behind the design.

The machine is fitted with a split-drive gearbox and a two-metre galvanised pick up.

A new optional small diameter, high throughput crop roller, is also available for the Fusion III.

This crop roller helps to level out uneven rows and McHale claims it has the ability to increase baler throughput.

Mr Phelan plumped for this optional extra on his new machine.


When ordering a new Fusion the customer has the option to upgrade the chopper unit on the machine to a selectable knife system, which provides three options: engage and chop with a bank of 11 knifes; the same with a bank of 12 knifes; the operator can choose to engage both knife banks which will give a 23-knife chopper system capable of delivering a shorter chop length of approximately 46mm.

The bale chamber on all Fusion III machines is fitted with 18 heavy-duty rollers with 50mm heavy-duty forged shafts.

The high-speed vertical wrapping ring can apply four layers of film in approximately 20 seconds or six layers of film in 30 seconds.


At the heart of the new Fusion is the electronic control system, which appears to have been simplified.

The system provides clear indicators on machine performance on its large graphic display.

In addition, its lube check alarm reminds the operator to check the grease and oil levels, while forage chop length can be adjusted using the selectable knife option.

Finally, when working on uneven terrain the automatic cycle override allows the operator to tip a bale in a suitable location.

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