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Wednesday 21 March 2018

Slatted house turned into an auction room for a day

Jim O'Brien

Jim O'Brien

While farmers up and down the country have been getting the last tanks of slurry out of their slatted sheds auctioneer Peter Murtagh, was recently filling such a shed at Canningstown, Co Cavan for a different purpose.

The building was cleared of all livestock and decked out with seats and plasma screens to facilitate an on-site clearance auction.

The screens were installed for the day to project a slide show of farm machinery, accoutrements, implements and bygones that formed part of the estate of the late Roy Deane.

"A full shed and a full clearance was the order of the day for almost 300 lots," said Mr Murtagh.

"There were over 200 registered bidders with attendees coming from seven counties.

"It worked extremely well, holding the crowd together in one place.

"Selling was brisk with around 100 lots per hour being knocked down," he said.

There was plenty of auction fodder on offer as the late Mr Deane was known to have had a weakness for collecting 'stuff' and an aversion to throwing anything out.

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On the day the items sold netted a handsome €50,000.

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